Dialogue List



–       My life for Hussein!

–       My life for Hussein!

–       Today, at this moment

–       I wish I were in Karbala

–       If I were in Karbala

–       I wish I died like Hussein

–       O Hussein, my Hussein

–       He has sacrificed himself for the community

–       See how stones shed tears of blood today

–       72 heads have been cut in Karbala today

–       The bleeding sword rusts in Karbala

–       And angels mourn for them!

–       Let us go to the Euphrates

–       Let us bring water for them

–       The bleeding sword rusts in Karbala

–       Angels mourn for Hussein

–       O Hussein! Do you think you will be spared

        once you have fallen into our hands?

–       Stop the talking!

We didn’t come here to get counsel from you

–       We are here to get your head!

–       Send soldiers to the battlefield!

–       Come on! We are going on stage.

–       Guys, open up!

–       Ahmet, get back!

–       Hussein! You are very late.

Do you fear death?

–       Father, please don’t go to this damned battlefield.

–       Attack!

–       Don’t be afraid! Attack him!

–       You villains!

May your hands that hurt my brother be damned forever!

–       See, you have been surrounded by them.

–       Hussein!

–       My lonely brother!

–       My orphaned brother!

–       My sons have been killed

My world shattered

–       Tell orphans to remember me

Every time they drink water

–       Hussein died alone and thirsty

–       When they hear of a martyr

Let them cry for me

–       I swear I do not regret what I have done

–       Islam and freedom shall be saved

I have not sacrificed for nothing

–       God almighty!

I am on your path

–       I surrender to you

–       There you are!

–       Father!

–       You could go from behind

–       Do you have Hakan’s number?

–       Hey Yasin! Don’t pose for the camera

–       They really made a nice feather for him

–       Hey chief, let’s pose like this

–       First we knock them down then cut their throats , and..

–       Pull it down

–       Why should I look like everyone else?

–       Let’s go guys!

–       Hey brother, come shoot the Ashura day

–       That’s the best!

–       But why is he shooting the shoes?

–       Imagine

–       30,000 enemy soldiers!

–       They are riding their horses over little kids

–       How could this three years old girl save herself from the horses?

–       They strike from every direction!

–       The offspring of the Prophet is left alone

–       The little girl says

Don’t hit me, old man, for God’s sake

–       Please don’t!

–       The old man says

Don’t be scared, I came to help you

–       I ask

What is your wish?

–       She says

Water, if you have it

–       I took out my flask and gave it to her

–       She takes it and walks towards the tents

–       Why don’t you drink it? I ask

You have been thirsty for days

–       She says, my brother is sick

I will take it to him

–       Prophet Muhammed is weeping

–       Tears running down his face

–       I asked, O Prophet, why are you crying?

–       He said

I am coming from the battlefield

–       from Karbala

–       They slaughtered my grandson Hussein!

–       I try to see who is there

–       Ali had two brides

Hassan married Cude and Hussein married Rubab

–       Cude assassinated her own husband

–       Whereas Rubab was able to live

only one more year after Hussein’s death

–       She died from her grief

–       I ask her

–       Rubab, what are you doing out here?

–       The poor woman says…

–       This story torments me

You see?

for the people of zeynebiye neighborhood


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